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When one of the copies of data is changed, the other copies must reflect that change.Cache coherence is the discipline which ensures that the changes in the values of shared operands(data) are propagated throughout the system in a timely fashion.All this takes time and resources on your web and database servers.Let's assume this page is accessed frequently, rarely changes, and looks the same for all users. Wheels will configure all caching parameters behind the scenes for you based on what environment mode you are currently in.We want for you to be able to learn it as rapidly as it is to write applications with it.If your website doesn't get a whole lot of traffic, then you can probably skip this chapter completely.Caching mode stores a copy of your network mailbox, including your messages and other information, on your local drive.This allows you to use Group Wise whether or not your network or Post Office Agent is available.

On the other hand, you're probably hoping for massive amounts of traffic to reach your website very soon, an imminent sell-out to Google, and a good life drinking Margaritas in the Caribbean.The above conditions satisfy the Write Propagation criteria required for cache coherence.However, they are not sufficient as they do not satisfy the Transaction Serialization condition.Mule’s default caching strategy defines how data are stored and reused, but if you want to adjust cache behavior, you can customize a global caching strategy in Mule and make it available for use by all cache scopes in your application.Mule sends a message into the cache scope and the parent flow expects an output.The cache scope processes the message, delivers the output to the parent flow and saves the output (i.e. The next time Mule sends the same kind of message into the cache scope, the cache scope may offer a cached response rather than invoking, again, a potentially time-consuming process.