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In most cases mothers seek custody of their children.

Sometimes custody litigation ensues between a father and a mother regarding who should be the custodial parent of the children.

All are held for what might be called involuntary therapy, as they have been classified as having a mental abnormality that makes them an ongoing threat. Courts in New York and 19 other states have upheld civil commitment laws, finding that they do not constitute "double jeopardy," which is prohibited by the U. It's easy and even comforting to take a "throw away the key" position.

And yet, a decade after New York's civil confinement law took effect, an investigation by The Journal News/lohud raises difficult but legitimate questions about civil confinement — its effectiveness, costs and, yes, fairness.

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Valerio said she felt the need to step forward because it was widely assumed in the neighborhood that her daughter, Dahiana Valerio, who is much closer to Peretz's age, was responsible for the excessively loud moaning and groaning.Her mother was initially hesitant to go to the media – particularly in light of the age disparity between her and Peretz.'I don't feel old, but people start to talk, you know?Mother’s from the beginning of time have played a crucial role in the raising their children.In chat rooms she met Nicholas Godejohn, an autistic man in his 20s, and the two hatched a plan to rescue Gypsy from her own mother.The documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest premieres on HBO on May 15 and is directed by Erin Lee Carr, whose first film, Thought Crimes, was an investigation into the case of “Cannibal Cop” Gilberto Valle.What she told the police was shocking: For more than 20 years, Dee Dee had made Gypsy the focus of her Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a psychiatric disorder that compelled Dee Dee to fabricate, exaggerate, and even cause her daughter’s many illnesses.