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Rooms, furniture, clothing, accessories, skins, furniture, credits, etc. Basically I have been robbed of everything I had acquired over the 15 months. […]Romance Scammers – “Yanina Bugrova” “Yanina Bugrova” ? It is becoming increasingly important for consumers […]Leader of 2 Million Investment Fraud Scheme Sentenced to 18 Years in Federal Prison Ponzi Scheme Involved Sale of Medical Debts Baltimore, Maryland – U. At that time, NSW Police received reports that individuals in the state lost tens of thousands of dollars by signing up to scams promising high yield returns on sports betting.Investigating officers were denied a request to apprehend the Queensland man and under orders from superiors were told to refer the case to Queensland Police.You can protect yourself by following this one simple rule: Never wire money or send money via Western Union or Money Gram to someone you do not know.Scammers use money transfer services because you’re essentially just mailing cash quickly across the world.

It is the worst online game that I have ever played. I click onto the link and it tells me that I am not authorized to view this ticket.It’s never coming back, especially if you wired the money overseas.Imagine dropping a 0 bill in Times Square and going back 12 hours later. That’s why you need to stick to wiring money to people you I’ve actually seen scammers take it one step further and try and impersonate a person you might know.A NSW police source close to the case was understood to be furious at a perceived lack of action by officers north of the border.understands an internal protocol signed by state police commissioners means that the case should be referred to Queensland, but would not explicitly deny NSW officers the ability to arrest the man.The investigation, including a listing of more than a dozen websites, IP addresses, bank account details and residential addresses seen by were handed over to the Queensland Police fraud investigation unit in January this year.