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Read how it goes let me know for more stories or if I can and try to continue more parts to this story...

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All index pages A to Z Academic applications games/ worksheets – See University Applications below Academic bios page Academic discussions games/ worksheets – NEW PAGE Academic emails page Academic English (EAP) games/ worksheets Academic English first lessons page Academic Word List (AWL) games/ worksheets page Academic writing functional language page Academic writing worksheets Action vocabulary page Active listening page– LINK UPDATED Advantages and disadvantages Adverbs Adverbs of frequency Adverbs of manner Advice activities page Animal vocabulary page Apologising games/ worksheets page Appearances Architectural English – See English for Architects below Arrangements – See Making arrangements below Art – See Art and Media and/or English for Artists below Articles Arts and media vocabulary page Auxiliary verbs page AWL games/ worksheets – See Academic Word List above Beginning and ending conversations page Body idioms page Body language and gestures games/ worksheets Body vocabulary page Brainstorming in groups phrases page British and American English games/ worksheets British and American cultural page British culture EFL materials page BULATS first lessons BULATS Speaking worksheets BULATS Writing worksheets (reports, memos, emails etc) Business advice/ recommendations page Business comparatives and superlatives page Business determiners page Business cultural training Business English games/ worksheets Business English functions Business first classes page Business future tenses page Business functional language reviews page Business grammar Business idioms page Business modals page Business opinions worksheets Business past tenses page Business prepositions page Business Present Perfect page Business present tenses page Business pronunciation page Business Result Pre-Intermediate Business Result Intermediate Business second conditional page Business socialising page Business tense review worksheets Business vocabulary page CAE page Cambridge exams page Cambridge First Certificate – See FCE below Cambridge Proficiency – See CPE below Can/ Can’t Cause and effect – See Purpose, cause and effect below Challenges 1 Character vocabulary – See Personality below Checking/ clarifying worksheets page – See Clarifying/ checking below Clarifying/ checking worksheets page Classroom language page Clothes vocabulary page Collocations page Colours page Comparatives and superlative adjectives Comparing and contrasting Complaints games and worksheets page Complaining and dealing with complaints page Compound nouns page Conditionals Conjunctions games/ worksheets – See Linking Expressions below Continuous aspect Conversation questions games/ worksheets – See Discussion Questions below Count/ Non-count – See Countable and Uncountable Nouns below Countable and uncountable nouns Counting syllables games/ worksheets – See Syllables below Country and nationality words page Cover letters games/ worksheets – See CVs and cover letters below CPE page Crime page Cultural training games/ worksheets for EFL classes Current affairs/ News vocabulary page Cutting Edge games/ worksheets Cutting Edge Advanced New Cutting Edge Elementary New Cutting Edge Intermediate Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate CVs and cover letters page Dates games/ worksheets – See Time Expressions below Days of the week games/ worksheets – See Time Expressions below Days, months and dates games, worksheets, stories and songs – See Time Expressions below Dealing with enquiries page Defining your terms page Dependent prepositions Describing people Describing places page Design games/ worksheets – See English for Designers below Determiners Directions games/ worksheets – See Giving Directions below Discussion questions EAP games/ worksheets – See Academic English above EAP first lessons games/ worksheets – See Academic English First Lessons above EAP writing games/ worksheets – See Academic Writing above Economics page -ed and -ing adjectives page Education vocabulary page EFL exams games, worksheets, videos and teaching tips Emails and letters games/ worksheets page Email error correction worksheets page Emailing functional language worksheets page Email paragraphing and punctuation worksheets page Email vocabulary worksheets page Emotions – See Feelings below English File 1 games/ worksheets English for architects games/ worksheets English for artists games/ worksheets English for designers games/ worksheets English for engineers games/ worksheets – See Technical English games/ worksheets link below English for landscape designers and gardeners games/ worksheets English for medical staff games/ worksheets – See Medical English below English for Specific Purposes games/ worksheets English Land 1 English Land 2 Environment – See Nature below ESP – See English for Specific Purposes above Euphemisms page Everybody Up 4 Examples games/ worksheets – See Giving Examples below Experiences games/ worksheets – See Sharing Personal Experiences below Extended speaking Family vocabulary page FCE page Feelings page Financial English page First Certificate – See FCE above First conditional First lesson games/ worksheets – NEW Focus on IELTS materials page Food and drink cultural differences worksheets Food and drink vocabulary page Forgetting and remembering phrases page Form filling worksheets page Formal and informal emails worksheets page Friends video worksheets Functional language games/ worksheets Functional language for academic writing page Functional language reviews page Future continuous Future desires Future forms games/ worksheets – See Future Tenses below Future Perfect games/ worksheets – NEW PAGE Future plans games/ worksheets – See Going To below Future tenses Gardening – See English for Landscape Architect above Generalising worksheets page Gestures – See Body Language and Gestures above Get something done – See Have Something Done below Giving directions page Giving examples phrases page Going to Gradable and extreme adjectives Grammar games/ worksheets Have/ Have got Have something done/ Get something done Headway Pre-Intermediate games/ worksheets Hedging – See Generalising above History Homophones games/ worksheets page HR page Human resources page – See HR page above Idioms page Incredible English 1 Incredible English 2 IELTS Academic Writing games/ worksheets – See IELTS Writing below IELTS page IELTS first classes page IELTS Graduation materials page IELTS Listening page IELTS Masterclass materials page IELTS Objective Advanced materials page IELTS Reading page IELTS Speaking page IELTS Writing page Indirect speech games/ worksheets – See Reported Speech below Infinitive of purpose Inside Out games/ worksheets Interrupting page Invitations page It is/ They are Japanese learners of English games/ worksheets Job applications page Keynote Intermediate page Korean learners of English games/ worksheets Landmark Advanced games/ worksheets Landscape Architecture – See English for Landscape Designers above Language of trends games/ worksheets – See Trends below Law – See Legal English below Learner training games/ worksheets for EFL learners Legal English games/ worksheets Letters – See email and letters above Likes and dislikes page Linking expressions Listening games/ worksheets Looking at both sides games/ worksheets – See Advantages and Disadvantages above Making arrangements page Making complaints games/ worksheets – See Complaints above Market Leader Intermediate page Market Leader Pre-intermediate page Market Leader Upper Intermediate page Media vocabulary games/ worksheets – See Arts and Media above Medical English games/ worksheets Meeting and greeting page Meeting people – See Meeting and greeting above Meetings and negotiations Minutes – See Writing Minutes below Modals of obligation, prohibition and permission Modals of probability/ possibility/ deduction Modal verbs Months games/ worksheets – See Time Expressions below Mixed conditionals Mr Bean video worksheets Narrative tenses games/ worksheets – See Past Tenses below Nationality words games/ worksheets – See Country and Nationality words above Natural English Intermediate games/ worksheets Nature and the environment page Needs analysis games/ worksheets Negotiating New Cutting Edge – See Cutting Edge above New Headway Pre-Intermediate games/ worksheets News vocabulary – See Current Affairs above Numbers games, worksheets, stories and songs for EFL learners OA vocabulary games/ worksheets – See Office Vocabulary below OABC 1 – See Oxford Activity Book for Children 1 below Offers page Offers and requests page Office vocabulary page Opinions worksheets page Opposites page Oxford Activity Book for Children 1 (OABC 1) page Passive voice Past Continuous page Past Perfect page Past Perfect Simple games/ worksheets – See Past Perfect above Past Progressive games/ worksheets – See Past Continuous above Past Simple page Past tenses PC language page Perfect aspect Personal experiences page Personality words page Phrasal verbs page – NEW LINK Pingu worksheets Plans games/ worksheets – See Going To above Politically correct language games/ worksheets – See PC Language above Possessives Possessive adjectives games/ worksheets Possessive S games/ worksheets Predictions games/ worksheets – See Will below Preferences games/ worksheets – See Likes and Dislikes above Prepositions Prepositions in emails worksheets page Prepositions of location – See Prepositions of Position below Prepositions of movement Prepositions of position Prepositions of time Present Continuous Present Continuous for arrangements Present Perfect Present Perfect and Simple Past Present Perfect Continuous Present Perfect Simple – See Present Perfect above Present Perfect Simple and Continuous Present Simple Present Simple and Continuous Present tenses Presentations games/ worksheets for EFL learners Proficiency – See CPE above Pronunciation games/ worksheets Proverbs page Punctuation worksheets page Purpose, cause and effect page Question formation Reading games/ worksheets Recommendations games/ worksheets – See Advice above Relationships page Relative clauses Reports worksheets page Reported speech/ Indirect speech Requests page Reviews games/ worksheets – See Writing Reviews below Sales and Marketing page Second conditional Shapes page Sharing personal experiences games/ worksheets – See Personal Experiences above Shopping language page Simple Past games/ worksheets – See Past Simple above Simple Past/ Present Perfect – See Present Perfect and Simple Past above Slang page Small talk Social issues Social studies – See Social Issues above Songs and music games/ worksheets for EFL learners Speaking games/ worksheets – NEW PAGE Speculating page Sports vocabulary page Stories – See Writing Stories below Storytelling Subject questions Suggestions games/ worksheets – See Advice above Superstitions worksheets Supporting arguments Supporting your opinions – See Supporting arguments above Syllables games/ worksheets page Taboo topics cultural training worksheets Talking about your week and weekend worksheets Teacher training games/ worksheets for TEFL teachers Technical English/ English for engineers games/ worksheets Teleconferencing and video conferencing games/ worksheets page Telephone interviews – See Telephone job interviews below Telephone job interviews page Telephoning games, worksheets, articles and e-book Tense reviews Thanking phrases page There is/ are/ was/ were They are – See It is/ They are above Third conditional Third person S This/ that/ these/ those Time expressions games, worksheets, stories and songs TOEIC page Topic-based games/ worksheets Toy vocabulary page Travel and tourism games/ worksheets Trends games/ worksheets for EFL learners Turn taking page UK culture games/ worksheets – See British Culture above UK and US culture games/ worksheets – See British and American Culture above University applications worksheets Unreal past Used to page Verb patterns Video games/ worksheets for EFL learners Video conferencing games/ worksheets – See Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing above Vocabulary games/ worksheets Wallace and Gromit video worksheets Want/ Want to Weather vocabulary page Will Word formation page Writing academic bios games/ worksheets – See Academic Bios above Writing emails games/ worksheets – See Emails and Letters above Writing games/ worksheets for EFL learners Writing minutes worksheets page Writing reports games/ worksheets – See Reports above Writing reviews worksheets page Writing stories worksheets page Young learner games, worksheets, flashcards, stories and songs for EFL learner Zero conditional As part of the on-going reorganisation of TEFLtastic, am trying to make a complete list of the games/ worksheets index pages.

This activity is it a bit like making conversation questions with the language you want to practise, but I feel this makes the language more memorable – and it’s a nice break from students saying “I think…” at the start of every sentence…

If your students also actually need the language of advice, all the better!

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