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Khan, who enjoys superstar status in the film industry, compared his grueling action sequences to the conditions of a raped woman and while most criticized him for his callous remark, Bollywood stars chose to keep mum over the issue.
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"It was down to the final handful of guys for the lead in another Fox show and I found out on the Friday afternoon, when I was about to fly out to Australia that night, that I didn't get the role," he says.

"I was pretty bummed about that, but then I got a message an hour later saying ' Do not get on the plane' because Fox had offered me this role. I was in LA and had to fly to Chicago the next day.

For six years, I worried about who would hold my criminal record against me when I left prison and returned to the dating scene. After wondering who would hold my past against me, now I worried about who would hold it in my favor, this underground cabal of men who text each other links to the news stories of our arrests and convictions with the message “” For the first several months of my freedom, I batted away messages and friend requests from men from Sydney; Bonn, Germany; Kuala Lumpur; Inglewood, Calif.; and towns near me in Connecticut. ’ Blocked his a–.” He had parlayed a connection with one inmate to collect a bevy of released offenders, each of whom he was messaging, trying to meet her, telling her how attractive she was. A woman released two months after I was, asked me later: “Do you know this guy who poked me? We put out a PIP warning — Predators Into Prisoners — our first APB for someone other than ourselves.

I knew that my name would be Googled by people and they would know a story about me, before we even met. ” Since I was released from prison three years ago, I have received more than 100 of these types of messages through Facebook. Men all willing to travel to meet me because they Googled my name and were convinced I was the stereotypical released female offender: sex-starved, lonely, lawless. He said he was earning his MBA while working a veterans’ health center. But if he knew my friends from York Correctional Institution, then he already knew that I had been there, too. I finally heard from him the day we were scheduled to meet. One of my old cellmates wrote: “He sent me a friend request, too.” My fellow former prisoners and I found more than 30 recently released women he had messaged on Facebook.

is a memoir of five generations who lived through the Days of the Raj.

It offers a glimpse into the culture and authentic cuisine of the Anglo-Indian community of India.

I'd never read a script and I started filming in less than 48 hours.

I had to literally just rip into this character, learn the dialogue and just get on set and make it work." Thanks for having me Chicago....

Two shows in one, it’s both a rollicking historical adventure, and a contemporary comedy about love, friendship and trying to fit in to an increasingly complex and impersonal world.These virtual introductions don’t make life easier for me. I assumed that the only guys who would date me would be those with their own records, statistically not an intellectual crowd. I assumed he said this because he was one of the good guys. “I see they have good English grammar classes at Delaware.” “Not even close to my major.” “What was your major? ” as I learned to use social media, having missed out on its boom while in the clink. Will the rest of us ever meet someone who is sincere yet doesn’t care about our records?“Let’s just hope that when you meet someone, he won’t Google your name,” a friend of a friend told me. Meeting someone who has not done time hangs me with a Catch 22: Either I must disclose everything from the start and risk rejection, or conceal the matter, hoping that I can explain it when confronted. So I asked: “How do I know what you’re not one of those guys who looks for women from York? “I’m not talking in riddles.” “What does ‘women from York’ even mean? I would have accepted either of those reasons to keep my hope of ever meeting someone who would not judge me. Stopped talking to him when he asked ‘Can I ask you for a favor? As I decided whether we should meet, I noticed the ranks of his female-offender Facebook friends growing as we messaged back and forth. In his next message, he embedded a video of himself masturbating. Then — just as quickly — I unblocked him, hoping he would reveal an excuse: . I saw that he was friends with some of my friends so I confirmed him.TELEVISION can be a crazy business, and nowhere is that more true than in Los Angeles.