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What I mean by this is, women who use My Space regularly depend on it to keep in touch with friends and fulfill their social needs.A busy girl with no time for dating or going out with friends can still feel connected to people by logging onto My Space, chatting, sending emails, and seeing updates from their friends.If there is an event that catches your interest, check out who is going and see if there are any girls you find attractive.If you find some this way then send them a friend request or “add” them as a friend.First you need to find the girls you want to communicate with.You can first go to Myspace Events at Check the events in your area and under the event it will say X number of people going.

In fact, it’s one of the best resources available to guys looking to find women to date! Because not only is My Space free to use (a feature which ensures many, many women will use it), but My Space actually augments, and to a certain extent, replaces the social lives of the women who use it!

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I will tell you step by step how to do this, if you prefer Facebook then read PART ONE about Facebook by clicking HERE. First you need a Myspace profile, you need to set up some pictures of yourself, give some info, and so on.

I will assume you have already done this and I will not walk you through all of it in this post. My Myspace strategy is extremely similar to my Facebook strategy.